Rebellion and Resistance in Times of Crisis: A Teach-In Series


Please join us on December 13 at 4 PM (EST) for the first in our series of three teach-ins on the subject of Rebellion and Resistance in Times of Crisis. This event will focus on the recent #EndSARS campaign and feature a talk by Theophilus Okunlola (University of Wisconsin-Madison), entitled, “‘Buhari Has Been a Bad Boy’: Citizenship, Memory and Justice in the Nigerian #ENDSARS Protest.” His talk will be followed by a conversation with Chi-Chi Ayalogu (Carleton University). Together, these two scholars of contemporary Nigerian political culture will explain and explore the resistance to police violence mounted by the #EndSARS campaign and, in discussion with the audience, consider the significance of #EndSARS to movement-building in our moment.


Here are some of the questions we will address:

  • What was the role of social media in catalyzing and shaping this uprising?

  • How did past Nigerian social movements and protest forms pave the way for #EndSARS?

  • How does #EndSARS engage with and reconsider a history of anti-colonialism and Black Power that precedes it? 

  • Can #EndSARS and BLM be understood as co-constituents in a global social movement?

  • What was the role of the Nigerian diaspora in disseminating and witnessing #EndSARS?

  • What is the state of the movement at present?


Theophilus Okunlola 

Theophilus Okunlola studies the intersections of Cultural Memory and Political Violence in Africa, Visual Cultures and Postcolonial African Literatures. He is a graduate student in the Department of English at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“ ‘Buhari Has Been a Bad Boy’: Citizenship, Memory and Justice in the Nigerian #ENDSARS Protest”


Chichi Ayalogu 

Chichi Ayalogu is a doctoral student in Cultural Mediations at Carleton University. Her research looks at war photography, protest movements, and cultural responses to corruption in Nigeria.

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